A detailed timetable will be posted closer to the event. Stay tuned!

Indicative timetable*

TUESDAY (July 31st)

Morning: Registration & Technical Inspection + 1st, 2nd & 3rd rounds Timed Practice (5 minutes)

Afternoon: 4th round Timed Practice (9 minutes)

WEDNESDAY (August 1st)

Morning: Early morning shake-down round + 2 rounds Controlled Practice (10 minutes) after 10:00

Afternoon: OPENING CEREMONY + 1 round of timed practice to sort out problems

THURSDAY (August 2nd)

3 rounds qualifying

FRIDAY (August 3rd)

Morning: 2 rounds qualifying

Afternoon: 1/8192 Finals A & B (A is run first), 1/4096 Finals A & B, 1/2048 Finals A & B, 1/1024 Finals A & B, 1/512 Finals A & B, 1/256 Finals A & B, 1/128 Finals A & B


SATURDAY (August 4th)

64 Finals through to “A” Final

Final to commence 15.30

Official Prize Giving to be held after Main Final



*As per EFRA regulations (for more information, see here)