Practice availability

Subject to race calendar constraints, the track will be available for practice, upon request, during weekdays and weekends, up to four weeks prior to the event.

Interested drivers should contact the club:

The property is included within an area of land with scrub and some pines. The land is bordered at west by the EN 221, meeting all the legal requirements to this infrastructure. The land is endowed with good access and all the necessary safety conditions, through a street intersection perpendicular to EN 221.

Property map

Equipment and support facilities are built on a good health site, away from the water channel and without a high water table.

The land is shaped in order to provide access to various types of equipment to implement. An access ramp and a stairs serve the bar. Technical support facilities to the circuit have direct access to ground floor and a ladder to the top floor that serves as a platform for the drivers.

The track and its support facilities, including a bar, with a gross floor area of 45m2, which houses a volumetric area for supply room, check room, drivers’ podium, washing area, engine setting’s table and timing room, arranged over two floors, having a gross building area of 120m2 and a covered area of 150m2 to support the pits.

The intervention area includes also the exterior area with an area of 5.250m2, implemented on a land with a total area of 32.200m2.

Intervention area

The track includes a several obstacles, right and left turns, simple jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, American table corner, American table jump, spring break, half jumping and a relief. Total perimeter is 295 meters with 4.50 meters over all its extension, featuring a finish straight with 50 meters.

Campus de Radiomodelismo de Freixedas


Track configuration


Track overview


Slope corner


Triple jump

Table jump and tile corner